2013 Shrine Bowl: The Battle of the Carolina Stars

On December 21, 2013 The North Carolina All-Star list will face off against The South Carolina Elite in what promises to be a show among the spectators.

The Annual Shrine Bowl, sponsored by yours truly – The Shriners, is set to kick off for the 77th time in this annual meeting of elite talent.  This twelfth month event first kicked off on December 4th, 1937.  During this initial inaugural event, they raised 2,500$ from the Shiners Hospital of Greenville (SC).  Since this point in time, the Shiners have averaged 1.3 million in funds to help aid in funding the saving of children’s lives.  

The yesteryear headlines alone for this game sends echoes of cheers locked in time for those who have gone on to the collegiate level and excelled – some greatly.

The rosters for both of these teams are littered with names unknown by most. These are all motivated players whose goal is to excel.  Print this roster off just in case, because I promise you that you will see or hear some of these names again at the next level and perhaps beyond.  Here is a special interview from the University of South Carolina 2013 commit Kalan Ritchie.  See his Senior Highlight Video HERE.

The bottom line is that the young men you see on television at this game will be stars in one way or another later in life.  Not only is Christmas fast approaching, but this is certainly a special time of year for these athletes.

Here is a breakdown video of the Day 1 Practice by ESPN reporter Craig Haubert.

I hope that you will all attend this event either in person, on radio or through television.  

This All-Star Game will also be broadcast on television after the game on ESPNU on these times and dates per the Shrine Bowl Office Manager, Mary McFadden:

December 29th – 1 pm ,December 30th – 8 am , January 11th – 7 am .

Shrinw Bowl Time & Date

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Special thank you goes to office manager and director Mary McFadden for providing pertinent information.


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