Recruiting: The State of The ‘Brice – 2014


Class of Swag 2014

Despite ongoing self-imposed scholarship reductions caused by some hotel mishaps, our recruiting coordinators have proven themselves worthy yet again by bringing in top-notch (and in some cases raw and undeveloped) talent. lists our class as being the 24th-best in the Nation while Rivals and 247Sports both have us inside the top 20 also.  With the talent already on board, Gamecock Nation saw our team begin the season in week 1 as 6th and finish it ranked 4th once the whistle was blown to finalize our Capitol One Bowl victory.  It takes a winning attitude both on and off of the field to bring in top talent nationwide and that is something that our recruiting coordinators have done increasingly well during the Spurrier era.

It is now time for The Midnight Crow‘s Yearly State Of The ‘Brice Report.


Let’s take some time out to meet the Class of 2014:

Bryson Allen-Williams:      Rivals  ★★★★   Scout ★★★★   247Sports   ★★★★                HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO       –   c/o: SEC Recruiting

Joe Blue:                           Rivals     ★★★   Scout    ★★★   247Sports     ★★★                HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO       –   c/o: Ultimate Prospects

Kevin Crosby:                   Rivals   ★★★★   Scout    ★★★   247Sports  ★★★★                HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO       –   c/o: Ultimate Prospects

Shaq Davidson:                Rivals      ★★★   Scout  ★★★★  247Sports   ★★★★                HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO       –    c/o: Ultimate Prospects

Terry Googer:                   Rivals    ★★★★  Scout     ★★★  247Sports     ★★★              HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO       –    c/o: wrd

Wesley Green:                 Rivals    ★★★★  Scout  ★★★★  247Sports  ★★★★                 HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO      –   c/o: Max Preps Highschool Sports

Al Harris Jr.:                      Rivals      ★★★  Scout      ★★★  247Sports   ★★★                     HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO      –   c/o: SEC Recruiting

Abu Lamin:                        Rivals    ★★★★ Scout  ★★★★    247Sports   ★★★★                 HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO      –   c/o: Abu Lamin                                                                       JUCO HIGHLIGHT VID       –   c/o: SEC Recruiting – * Language Warning *

Chris Lammons:                Rivals   ★★★★  Scout  ★★★★    247Sports  ★★★★                 HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO      –  c/o: Elite Scouting Services/Charles Fishbein

Blake McClain:                    Rivals     ★★★    Scout  ★★★★   247Sports   ★★★                   HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO      –  c/o: Scout

Kalan Ritchie:                      Rivals      ★★★    Scout    ★★★   247Sports   ★★★                   HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO     –  c/o: Ultimate Prospects

Tyshun Samuel:                   Rivals     ★★★    Scout    ★★★   247Sports    ★★★                 HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO     –  c/o: SEC Recruiting

Dante Sawyer:                      Rivals   ★★★★   Scout  ★★★★  247Sports   ★★★★               HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO         –  c/o: Hudl Studios

Michael Scarnecchia:            Rivals      ★★★   Scout       ★★   247Sports       ★★                 HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO           –  c/o: football13st

Darin Smalls:                         Rivals      ★★★   Scout     ★★★  247Sports     ★★★               HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO           –  c/o: fjohns11

D.J. Smith:                             Rivals   ★★★★   Scout   ★★★★ 247Sports      ★★★             HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO           –  c/o: Prep1Force

Taylor Stallworth                    Rivals       ★★★   Scout     ★★★  247Sports     ★★★             HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO           –  c/o: SEC Recruiting

Donell Stanley                        Rivals    ★★★★   Scout   ★★★★ 247Sports   ★★★★             HS HIGHLIGHt VIDEO            –  c/o: Ultimate Prospects

Jhaustin Thomas:                  Rivals      ★★★     Scout        ★★  247Sports     ★★★           HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO           –  c/o: 12bigcoach

Dexter Wideman:                   Rivals    ★★★★    Scout   ★★★★ 247Sports ★★★★              HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO          –  c/o: Scout

Malik Young:                            Rivals      ★★★     Scout      ★★★ 247Sports   ★★★              HS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO         –  c/o: Ultimate Prospects


As is with any class of freshman, some will not be acclimated to playing in front of a large audience.  This is the time when the proper utilization of “red shirt” comes into play.

Recruiting Nuggets:

This band of brothers all come in joining arms with one focus – one goal.  To make it to the SEC Championship Game and to prevail as winners.  With their natural aptitude and physical prowess and with solid endeavor, all of this can and will be accomplished.  Although some raw, these competitors will learn the game both mentally and fundamentally.  This is another Championship winning caliber class.

Steve Spurrier breaks down his latest recruits:

c/o: The State Newspaper


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