Ephesians 6:2 – The Adult Lesson


I was raised with honor and dignity, and I was taught the 10 Commandments in a loving Christian home.  I was also brought up to be a strong man and to recognize crap when I see it – and to stick up for myself and others whenever I felt and saw the need.  I see no evidence of either of these from Pickens County. This isn’t about stagecraft, тнε мιđηιgнт сяσω  is professional – not meant for such nonsense as name calling.  This should represent our fans with dignity and pride.  It is upon these values that I stake my reputation as you will apprehend below. Late last evening the Gamecocks suffered a loss to Campbell that will undoubtedly apply pressure for another run at the College World Series.  I have been trolling the sports message boards, and I have yet to find a bad word mentioned of Campbell by our fans, or Campbell of our fans.  We have mutual respect for each other as fan bases.  However, I have been to your sites.  I have read four letter words thrown towards our University when we haven’t even played your team? I know this is a rivalry between our two in-state athletic programs.  In my 34 years living and breathing as a Gamecock, I can fathom and take this all in.  Something that I still fail to perceive is how and why your ACC fans continue to slam and attempt to berate OUR SEC University and Conference.  Do you not realize how petty this makes you look?  Can you not grasp the damage that you are inflicting upon yourselves, and Pickens County?  Maybe five wins in a row just is not enough to hammer this point home.  Perhaps the 2012 Orange Bowl was an unsatisfactory lesson that you all should have taken to heart and learned from.  It is ridiculous from my perspective how at an ever-speeding pace continuously forget.these lessons handed to yourselves, university and athletes – and it reflects upon all of the three.

 Time for your lesson:

Who is your Daddy?

 Ephesians 6 2

As it stands for the last five years, Steve Spurrier is your daddy on the gridiron.  He represents our ever-growing fan base professionally with esteem and prestige – and he has drug Clemson through the mud and to the woodshed all five times.  Ray Tanner has done the same.  As of right now, I am not witnessing much of this ethical principle from any of you.  How many more epic shellings must you undergo from the OBC before you acquire this lesson and let it stick inside your minds?  I hope your learning curve is growing faster than your collective IQs.

What I am petitioning for is mental sophistication – maturity.  From every last one of your bad apples transitioning all the way to your optimum.  Once you accomplish this task, perhaps you will abandon your nomenclature as the laughing stock of South Carolina and West Virginia alike.  Conceivably you will become a program that demands respect whenever your name is spoken.  Yet until you improve and retain this practice, you will be eternally viewed upon as second-rate.

The Gamecocks (who were toppled by Maryland last night) will play Campbell inside the loser’s bracket today while Maryland moves securely to the next stage.  The winner of South Carolina vs. Campbell will move on to face Maryland.

Updates for USC vs. Campbell may be found here: CWS BRACKET UPDATES

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