Hindsight: South Carolina hosted Missouri


This pretty much sums up EVERYTHING that I could have possibly covered regarding past Saturday’s loss.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am as heartbroken as the rest of you. The ‘Boose has suffered a few losses in number after the game against Missouri.  I am not heartbroken over that. I’ll state this again, this group is not about numbers, it’s about bringing people together who are Gamecock fans and who enjoy talking about our team. They were bandwagon fans.

“CLUCK ‘EM” -Trey Asbelle

I don’t enjoy reading and posting negative news regarding the Gamecocks. Lord knows there is already enough of it out there for all of us multiplied by 1,000+. That’s how this group is ran, we keep negative out and try to stay positive even during the rough stints.


If you think the Gamecocks are the only unit inside the SEC East having a sleepless night, I would beg you to reconsider as there are SEVERAL teams inside our division/conference who are scratching their heads also. I am not being irresponsible and pointing a finger trying to take away the loss, this is simply a comparison and statement to show where we are at as a whole.   South Carolina was removed from position inside the Top 25 after Missouri.  Some would like to blame that on poor officiating (I was there, and objectively speaking – the bad and missed calls were horrible).  But those are things you must overcome as a team and fanbase.

Box Score

In one image – that is the story of missed opportunity.

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